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Samuel Lee Bowman

Helping people who are sick and tired of dead, dry religion find an exciting adventure with the Holy Spirit.

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About Sam

Sam holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Huntington University and a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. He has been in business for forty plus years and is creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the special events industry. Sam, an author, blogger, coach and public speaker has been named Entrepreneur of The Year. He and his wife live on their min farm and have five children with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Sam is the perfect guest for your television show blending great stories, poignant insights and humor on a variety of subjects. During forty plus years in the entertainment industry, he has appeared on over one hundred TV talk shows, Radio appearances, Podcasts and Speaking events.

Sam has been speaking to audiences all his life. He began preaching as a teenager while traveling to local churches in his friends denomination where he won local and regional speaking contests.

There have been many supernatural events he has witnessed along the journey. Sam’s speaking blends practical insights on how to survive and thrive in life.


Invite Sam Bowman to speak on your radio show today, and let him share his unique perspective and expertise with your audience!


Make your podcast stand out with the unique perspective and talent of Sam Bowman!


Sam will be a perfect guest  and give your viewers the chance to experience the magic of his unique talents and perspectives.


With his dynamic and charming speaking style, Sam Bowman is the perfect choice to inspire and entertain your audience.

Sam’s Media Appearances

What Others
Are Saying

“One of the best Variety podcasts I have heard. I cracked up at all Sam’s stories. Very entertaining and educational.”

Andy Guerriero

VP, Variety Attractions

“We first had Granpa at our event in 1988 and he was such a big hit he has been a staple of our fair ever since. We trust Granpa with our valued children and our sponsors.””

Jay Freeman

Howard County Fair

“My kids love Granpa Cratchet. I love the great and positive messages Granpa teaches them. I trust my kids to Granpa Cratchet and his entertaining and educational shows.”

Leanna Johnson

Pastor’s Wife, Harrisburg, PA

Grandpa’s Clubhouse

Granpa Cratchet is the children’s ministry of The Bowman Initiative. He was created in 1971 for the Heart Of Illinois Fair in Peoria. At that very first event a talent scout saw Granpa’s performance and invited him to become part of building an agency. The demand was so big Granpa became his own corporation in 1972 and investors helped build forty pieces of equipment. In 1993 seven traveling units played a hundred and five fairs all across the United States and Canada, appearing in over four thousand shows during seven hundred and fifty days to millions of kids. Granpa became and still is one of the most successful on grounds free entertainment acts in the history of the fair industry.​

Awesome Grandmothers

Born in California and raised in Indiana, Debra Susan Bowman served forty plus years as an intensive care nurse. She currently substitutes for nurses at local schools where she meets and encourages teachers and children. She has been married to Sam for thirty-four years. She is now a great-grandmother. She is blogger of and author of The Summer Of Paintless Toenails; losing a son, gaining a grandson to help people deal with loss and difficult situations. She is leader of the fall women’s retreat to beautiful Brown County Indiana and is a member of Harmony Church, Leisure, Indiana.

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