New Beginnings

When I was a kid we liked to tell Bible jokes. One went like this; where is baseball in the Bible? Answer: God created the world in the Big Inning. Well this is a beginning for me. Of what I am not sure, but I leave both the outcome and reasons in God’s hands. I have experienced a wonderful and blessed life in my fifty-nine years, full of new beginnings, but then all beginnings are new, aren’t they? How could they not be. God is creative, is he not? He’s creating all the time. He is the Alpha and the Omega. That means he’s all new beginnings. Everything about him is an end to something and a beginning to something else. That’s what he has said about himself. And, being created in his image it should be no surprise that I am that way also. I feel like everything about me is an end to something, now that I’m pushing sixty. This blog is a new beginning, but it’s also like an ending. I have been creative and have written all of my life, but I haven’t published much of my writing out where people can read it. So, it’s an end to my isolationism. It’s an end to fear. It’s an end to just writing for myself. And, as I said, it is also a beginning. Here I begin to share what the Holy Spirit shares with me. A scary step for me. Perhaps it will prove my worst fear; that what I receive is not accurate or I might find that what I share is not really useful to those I expose my inner thoughts to. On the other hand, perhaps my greatest joy will begin here, in finding that I have something to offer that will encourage you and help you become what you dream of. That would truly begin an adventure, wouldn’t it. To dream, live, grow, achieve, feel useful and fulfilled. Is that not what we all dream? But, there is nothing more fulfilling than having God flow through you to some one else and seeing Him use you to change another person and help them move toward God. My greatest fear is that I would not be able to help you, that I might find that what I know does not have the power to help anyone, that what I might share could actually hurt someone. So, with knees wobbly, I begin this adventure. My greatest dream is to help you become. And so this adventure begins. This is not just a blog about me. It is me. The blog is just one way I have to reveal myself to you. And, it’s not just about what I do and think and what you think about what I think, it’s about whether or not what I believe works. If it works, if it helps you become what you need to be in order to achieve your dreams then, truly the adventure has begun.