Why Read My Blog ?

Read this and it’ll help you know if you want to read this blog on a regular basis.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to look behind the scenes and see what is happening as a writer writes? It would be a little like the behind the scenes special features you get to see on some DVDs. How was it done? How was it made? Where did the idea come from? What was the process like? What was the writer experiencing as he wrote? That’s what this blog is about. It’s about you seeing what the Holy Spirit is doing in one average guy’s life, who is probably asking all the same questions you’re asking about God and life. 

In my case I write a lot on the scriptures and a lot of what I write, besides what I write for children, is what the Holy Spirit is saying to me as I face life challenges and seek him for solutions. If you want to get the big picture of why I experience so much, face to many challenges of my own and write so much you need to read the dream the Lord has given me. What a trip! What a challenge!!

Reasons to Read Sam’s Blog —

You might want to read this blog regularly if:

  1. You know me and love me (Family or friend).
  2. If, like me, you have challenges, mountains to move.
  3. You want a bird’s-eye view of how an average Christian guy copes with life.
  4. If you want to know if God is real.
  5. If you want a back stage look at the entertainment business as I travel.
  6. If you want to see how an average guy is learning to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  7. If you need a solid Bible study, want to learn the Bible, have trouble reading and understanding the Bible. 
  8. If you need your spiritual walk revitalized.
  9. If you love the word and simply want more power, more intimacy with God, to do and accomplish more in your life.

My actual writing web site is samuelswords.com  This blog is the real life, live action of what is happening as I write insights and lessons based on God’s word. I don’t just read the word, I read the word about what I’m living through. For instance if I need more money I go to the word about how to prosper. If I need a new idea I go to the word and study about creativity. Or, I might simply come from the scripture side. For example, Jesus said if we abide in him and his words abide is us then we will ask what we will and receive it (John 15:26) Now that’s quite a promise. What’s up with that anyway? How does that happen? How do you get that promise to work out in your real life so the word actually produces something? That’s a big question of mine and the only way I know to answer is to take it out for a spin and try it out and see what happens and what an adventure it is! 

Prepare to be amazed! Jesus is real. His word is real. It works! 

I am so excited to see this blog happening. I have been writing so long, fifteen books are on the shelf right now. Each book represents a period of time in my life, what I was going through and what I was learning.  (I’ll share later how I got started writing.) These fifteen books represent all the words the Holy Spirit has whispered to me over the last twenty-two years since my wife Debbie first encouraged me to write.

John 4:26 has become one of my favorite verses, “I who speak to you am he.” Truly he speaks to me and I take that as not only the greatest sign of his existence, but of his love and care for me. No one loves someone without speaking words of love to them and he has spoken so much to me. He must really love me! Thank you Jesus for all the words! Every day I can’t wait to see what you will say to me.

I think I hear so much because I ask him so many questions. I have questions about everything. I think. I ponder. I wonder, I dissect. I chew the issues and I chew them some more. 

I ask Jesus and I hear from him. Therefore I am.

What do I ask him about? Pretty much everything, but the big question of my life is, does God’s word work? That means I’m putting it to the test all the time and that means I have lots of questions because things don’t always work the way I would expect. That means lots of things are always happening to me. Some really amazing things! The supernatural is a regular and natural occurence in my life and I usually record events as they unfold in little notebooks.  (I love the colorful 5×7 spiral on the side with the rubber band on the right I get at CVS pharmacy.) In fact so much happens that I often don’t get it recorded! So, I’m going to start recording events here so you can watch and learn along with me.

I have a lot of mountains between me and the fulfillment of my dream and so I have to learn how to move them and as I learn and grow in my effort to move them, succeed and fail, my greatest hope is that you will be encouraged to become a mountain mover along with me. Perhaps you can share a lesson or two with me as we go along. 

Love, Sam