Well, it’s Monday morning, five a.m. sharp and I am already out of bed and on my way to our Monday Morning investing Group. A few (5) guys have been meeting on Monday mornings to study investing for about three years now. Boring and dull you say? Not at all! The Holy Spirit always shows up and says something good to us. There is no better way to start your week than to hear the voice of God say something spectacular and clear about how to succeed that week and get the inputs and support of Spirit filled brothers around you. On the way to the meeting this morning the Holy Spirit showed me eight steps in the process of making our dreams come true – and what a time we had.  If Jesus is real and the Bible is relevant then they should make a difference in how we live and a real difference in what we achieve and produce and they do!! Check out eight steps to success on this site, or on samuelswords.com or at samuelswords YouTube. Knowing the process helps us apply the process more efficiently and get our breakthrough quicker! Know the process to success and have  a profitable week. 

To view my notes click on The Process to Success  These notes may be a little scetchy. To get the full insights check out my YouTube video.