Today Debbie got a call from ICU and got a unit not busy, so she got a surprise day off and we get to spend another time around the kitchen table talking things over this morning. I’m trying to get written up about what I felt the Holy Spirit say to me yesterday about how to overcome my fears on some things that will be coming up this year. It seems like the Holy Spirit is speaking so much I can hardly keep up with it. I could easily spend three to six hours today just keeping up with his voice. If you are reading this and don’t feel like you hear his voice at all then it’s not because he is not speaking. He longs to speak to you as powerfully as he does to me. In fact his voice is all around you, it’s just that you have to expand your hearing. You have to learn how to hear. In the room you are in right now someone is reporting the news and someone, if fact many people are speaking and singing, it’s just that you are not a receptor of those waves. Turn your radio on and you will hear their voice. It is the same with you and God. His voice is all over you and all around you and in you, it’s just that you have to want it, seek it, invest some time in developing hearing and it will begin to come over you like the coming in of the waves and the tide. I am telling you God wants to speak to you and he does – will you take the time to hear, to learn to hear. This is so important to me – John 4:26 – I who speak to you am he. (My favorite verse). And, I have developed a career, a lifestyle, a daily routine that allows me time to hear. Do you have the time to hear from the Almighty God of the Universe who loves you? If you do not, my dear one, then you must never complain in the least that he does not seem near. But, if you are reading this I have no doubt that he is calling to you.  Love, Sam