A lot of what you see on my post will be about Jesus and his word, or about Granpa Cratchet, the good ole days or whatever Debbie and I are doing. So here’s a great one about Jesus. I hope it helps you. I was having a conversation with the Holy Spirit the other day, complaining really, about wanting a breakthrough in my business. It’s doing good, but not really good enough to reach the dream I’ve always had. So suddenly I sensed the words come into my mind, “Well Sam, what do you want?” A great question we all have to ask ourselves. So I laid out my whole dream. Here’s a nugget: when we speak to God in total honesty about what we really want things begin to move. Then I clearly heard him say, “So what are you afraid of?” Which is not at all what I expected, but immediatly the light went on. So I grabbed my little notebook (If you expect revelation, God to speak to you, always carry a notebook. You never know when you’ll get an insight) and wrote out three or four things that came to mind and I knew fear of those things was providing some hinderance to my forward motion. Fear stops a lot of people from every achieving thier dream. Here’s what I did about my fears. I’ve posted here a short three page glance or written affirmations and how I have been using them and I’ve posted on samuelswords Youtube six short three minute videos that give a foundation for the idea of how to deal with fear and how to use the little affirmations booklet I created. Transforming your mind according to Romans 12:1 & 2 works! But how do you do it? Here’s what I did. I hope it gives you some ideas. Defeat your fear! Joshua 1:1-10  Fear Defeater – Faith Affirmations copy  Here’s a link to the first youtube explanation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG7tl9GSOlE