Every Monday morning I have been meeting with a great group of guys. We study success, business, the Bible foremost, and investing. We invest first in ourselves, then our families, then our business and community and church and then in the stock market, in that order. We have lots of ups and downs (Pun intended), but we are succeeding!  What a meeting we had Monday morning. It was a barn burner, as we say here in Indiana. The Holy Spirit showed up and he gave us wisdom and great encouragement, what a way to start the week! With a 5:30 meeting around the word and strong believers on Monday morning. The right after that I spent almost two hours on the phone to Korea with Kim and Chris, another barn burner!  The Holy Spirit was present in our conversation as we plan business this year.  Then in the afternoon I got on the phone with Rick Pickens in Harrisburg, PA. What a meeting that was!  So many things are rocking and shaking. I am talked out.  But, here’s the big breakthrough. I got my very first pledge toward our TV network camp. $120 a year for five years from one thousand people will create a seed to begin to develop this ministry which will reach a hundred million kids world wide and lead one million to faith in Jesus over the next decade. It has been a dream of mine for thirty years. It’s what I have been living and dreaming of. Dream big, believe big, act big, ask big and you will get big results and along the way grow, learn lots of lessons. You will need lots of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment, and expereince to win big. Be patient, learn and bounce back from setbacks and then just keep on keep’n on. I am relentless!!!!

Love, Sam