Well, you have to practice what you preach.  As a long line of events turns out, which I won’t detail here, we got to appear at the Ohio Fair Association last weekend. In the old days it was real gut crunching, plus, who like to sell?  We do!  I used my Fear Defeaters – Faith Affirmations and quenched that fear and gut crunching and we had a great time!  We ended up with five contracts, signed on sight or right after and five more strong leads and we’re looking very strong at putting a fourth route out with the Outhouse only. It was such a hit and we got such interest, that we’ve already signed one for that unit and we got so much attention the agency has invited us out to four more conventions which should let us fill that route!!! This is a great breakthrough for us, for our company, for our ministry. We’ll keep you posted. Keep believing!  Sam