West Virginia Convention Report

Doesn’t sound too exciting does it?  Well, it’s very exciting because it, again, is direct evidence of the blessing of God on our efforts. When you study the word, apply the word, speak the word and believe the word and then see it work in your life that is great news! For the second weekend in a row we had very good success. We are a selling machine! Selling is not a word most Christians like to hear, but when you get a vision from God you must communicate that vision. Telling is selling. Whether you realize it or not you sell, you communicate, you work to get people to agree with you all the time! When you get in the word God gives you a vision for your life, then you gain confidence in his ability to produce it for you, then you can’t help but tell others. Communicating and selling is a natural outgrowth of spiritual growth. Hebrews 13:16 Tells us to be ready to communicate and that God is pleased with that effort. Check out our YouTube video of Granpa receiving the Queen’s Choice Award for Best Entertainment at the West Virginia Convention.