Missouri Convention Report

Well here I am again with another convention post. Kind of getting in a rut, huh?  Well this is the last one, so no more convention reports!  Ya.  We did have a great time, Praise the Lord, and we made lots of great contacts and I’m sure we’ll get a couple of bookings dates out of it for Granpa Cratchet. Our goal is a minimum of 35 bookings. Last year we were up quite a bit with 41 events. Right now we are at 29, so we’re in fine shape for this time of year. Our average event length is 7 days. We get some 3 day festivals and some fairs are 10 days and even longer. Every day as we meet people we trust God to give us divine connections so that we might go to the cities God is calling us into. This is not just business, this is all about ministry. God gave man the directive to produce, subdue and multiply (Gen 1:28). So it is built into me and you to do just that and we do not make a division between lay and professional ministers or ministry. We do all we do for God’s glory. It’s all ministry. Every child we touch with our six shows is receiving a Biblical message. It is a lie of the enemy that your gift and talent does not matter. Every Christian is called, at every level of maturity, preparation, gifting and skill level, to do what they can for the kingdom where ever they are. Every one of us are called to be intimate with Jesus, to help him, to continue his work, to use what talents we have to further his kingdom and the journey is ment to help us get close to him. So, get involved! Give. Share. Perform your reasonable service (Romans 12:1). Use your business/ministry to glorify God. His anointing is on the crafts as well as the pulpit ministry. His kingdom needs you. God needs you. You are important. You are key. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, no matter how unique your gifting or talent is. Use your interests and knowledge base to go on a journey with Jesus and he will become more real to you than life itself. The journey matters. You can do it. Love, Sam