This week I am at the Red Rose Inn in Plant City, Florida for the Florida Strawberry Festival. What a great week it has been. My tour this year included Kidfetti in Ocala before coming here.  As is often the case when I come to Florida I have a lot of problems with my chest and voice. I don’t know if it’s a change in temp or sudden exposure to pollen, but I always seem to have trouble at the SB Festival (Thank you Lord for a nurse wife!). It’s one of my most favorite events of the year: great crowds, good people to work for, good product sales, it only makes sense that the Devil would attack harder than normal. I hate being sick! But, the show must go on and it always does and I am getting much better as the week goes on.  Virgil and Carol McCool visited me this week from Indiana and we had a fab time visiting Disney MGM and going up to Circus du Sole (One of my most favorite shows) as well as the festival. Love you guys! 

My attachment today is about abiding. The Holy Spirit is showing me a few things in this area and I want to share them with you.  Being close to Jesus is number one in my life and if He is who He said He is then being close to Him should make my life more fulfilling and productive. Jesus said I am the vine and the branches and if you abide in me you will bear much fruit. So what is this fruit? What is it like? What is the process like? What should life be like if I invest the time in learning how to abide with Him? Is is worth the effort? Go with me and learn the things of the Spirit as I learn and be blessed and have a very fruitful day. Look for one line titles and attached one page readings on abiding and send my your comment or question.  Love, Sam