March 24, 2007 – Busy, busy, busy. This week Oliver and I are working in the shop. I have been led of the Holy Spirit to add a fourth unit to our Granpa Cratchet ministry, strolling only, no stage show. As part of that preparation we are rebuilding an old Granpa Puppetmobile that has set in disrepair for many years. It is going quite well. It’s a lot of fun and Oliver has been a great help. We stripped it all out, sand blasted rust, then repainted the undercarriage and the whole inside. We have completed the tear down and we’re not starting to rebuild. Today we finish all mechanical, metal rebuilding and tomorrow we begin to rewire. So much like life this process is. The world wears and tears on us, then we have to scrap so much of our thinking and acting, so much that has come to abide with us and fill us, things that tear us down. We have to start by cleaning house, tearing out all the old. But, we must begin immediately to build the new, to rewire our minds, to replace the old with the new, to completely redesign how we think and act. It is the process of all of life. Tearing out the old, building in the new so that we might have a new, different and better result. Here is another page from my book on abiding. Hope it helps you, builds you up, helps you redesign your life for Jesus.  25 – Learn How to Ask Love, Sam