Today is Wednesday, March 30, 2011. Oliver and I have been working in the shop the past week refurbing an old puppetmoilbe to put on our new mobile only unit this summer with performer and friend Rick Pickens. Every moment I spend with the machine I pray God’s blessing over it that kids would be loved and taught and that God would be glorified in this work. It’s so important to ask for God’s blessing over every little thing we do. Being poised before Him heightens your seeing and hearing to every little nuance, greatly enhancing the chances your decisions will be productive. It’s part of the abiding relationship with have with Him, that we don’t utilize near enough. Not that our decision will always turn out the best, but with an abiding under the constant teaching and correcting of the Holy Spirit we know that all things, good or bad or indifferent will turn out for our good: if we remain poised before Him to hear what He might say. It’s all part of abiding. No other religion offers it. I particularly love the writing I have attached. Read, enjoy and learn about, and from, the heart of God. Love Sam 29 Approach With Love