Toady is Friday, April 20th.  My how time flies, especially when you’re having fun and I have more fun than any one man ought to have. If I had any more fun I’d have to be two people. This week I’m building Granpa’s Farmhouse backdrops in the shop, I’m repairing the front steps of the house (I love to work with my hands), doing some landscaping and preparing for GBG meetings this coming week and then Debbie and I are off to Korea to see six people we love very much and deeply miss. Yea!  Can’t wait. And, every day is a joy to spend with Jesus! He’s alive!!!!! I get to be Nicodemus in our Easter play this sunday morning. He’s a rich guy, a teacher of the law who met with Jesus at night in secret and Jesus taught him we must be born again. Quite a new mindset for this law oriented professor. My message to you today is that you must be born again. It is quite a transformation to put yourself under the teaching and leadership of Jesus. Radical. And, this is not just a one time event. As his Holy Spirit continues to teach you you continue to experience new birth, in your thinking, seeing, believing and a  practical production level at a continual and sometimes dizzying rate. I wish I could open your brian and pour into you all I’ve learned about the Holy Spirit over the years. This is not religion, this is the God who designed our world and everything in it and so He knows how everything works. Everything. No matter what you do. He knows everything about it. Repairing your house? He was a carpenter and He invented cement. Painting a car? He can give you a nudge to look a little closer and correct a problem before it happens. Looking for a new opportunity? Read Luke 11:5 to 13 and extract fundamental truths the will energize and direct your search. The Holy Spirit knows everything about everything and He can teach you how to be the very best at what you are, no matter what your vocation. Get in touch with Him. Spend time with Him. Learn how to hear His voice and then He’ll go with you every day and turn every problem into an adventure to be relished. Prosperity is hidden in the problems, in finding solutions for what people need. Jesus knows every solution to every problem and in fact, when you commit yourself to Him, every problem becomes an opportunity, a chance to learn, grow, increase, expand, discover secrets that unlock God’s provision and blessing in your life! If you think Jesus is about dry, lifeless, law and you don’t have time for religion, you are dead wrong about Jesus and absolutely right about the religion. What you are rejecting should be rejected. But, if you think Jesus boring and unrelative, you don’t know Jesus and whatever poor experience you’re rejecting you should be. If it’s not vibrant, alive, exciting and fun – you haven’t found Jesus yet. Seek Him this Easter. If he raised himself from the dead He can raise you to the next level.  Love, Sam