Seasons of Change – The Cycle of: vision, need, prayer, challenge and response is the cycle that either promotes or resists the change God needs to bring to you in order to move into a new level of operation and fruit.

I really feel like Debbie and I (Along with our family) are in a season of change. I don’t know how long the season is or what all the changes will be. Most recently we have added a new business to our family, partnering with GBG’s 10-In-One vitamin nutrients as a new home based business. I had been praying over the end of last year after writing my book, The Power to Become, trying to sense what the Holy Spirit might say next and add to those lessons that would continue to add to his work as he is taking me through an extensive cycle of change starting about 60 months ago. Since that time lessons have come fast and hard, with much reading, writing and prayer. When last fall and into the winter of 2011 I prayed about the vision of God for my life I felt the Holy Spirit say more changes were needed, that I was not strong enough to handle the calling and vision God has on my life. I asked Him what was missing and the answer came: 1) a strong team, 2) Connections, 3) Sales ability, 4) networking, 5) Leadership. I prayed for a way to get these things, to learn them and two things happened: Jesse Duplantes teachings came on the scene for me and the GBG home based business. The GBG business requires everything I am missing and must obtain in order to move into a new ministry, anointing and next level of fruitfulness. What a ! What a ride!!  I immediately responded to the GBG business as from God while all my emotions and my reaction was to enter being drug, kicking and screaming!  But since, God seems to be showing me lessons at every turn. I am relentlessly determined to hear His voice, to respond, to learn and to grow and to become prepared to do whatever God calls me to do, to produce whatever fruit He designs for me. I encourage you to do the same. Love, Sam