You should always think about and be careful about what you ask for in prayer. You might just get what you request. At the end of last year and through the beginning of this year I was talking with the Holy Spirit about my business and ministry and sensing a need for a breakthrough in some areas. I know I just blogged about this just a moment ago, but I want to come at it from a different angle. I asked the Lord why I was not getting some breakthroughs I was believing for and I seemed to sense the reply that I was not receiving because I was not strong enough in some areas. So, I asked what areas? Over a few weeks the Lord spoke through some people around me that I needed: a stronger team, better connecting skills, stronger leadership skills, more self-confidence, that I needed to become a better communicator and salesman, that I needed to learn to connect and influence and defeat fear. So, I asked him to help me grow and become, to help me receive the help and training I needed in the areas. What happened after that? On old friend from the past, Bruce Kaufman called me and we began a month or two communication about many things, catching up the past and discussing our hopes and dreams for the future. In the process Bruce introduced to a me a home based business he had been involved in for about two years; BGB’s 10-In-1 vitamin, nutrition. At first I resisted quite vigorously, thinking I didn’t have the time for another enterprise, but the more I looked at it the more I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to become involved and the more I saw the more I liked it and so, very reluctantly, I bought in.  As time passes I can see this home based business is designed by God for me and my family to help us obtain some things we were lacking, and for me specifically, to encourage me to move into the list of things I have mentioned above. I have found that most of what I needed is found in learning and growing this new business. Oh, most these lessons are in my Granpa Cratchet business too, but old cycles do not often teach us new things for the cycles inherently contain filters we have picked up along the way, that are propagated by the cycles themselves, inhibiting us from moving on and receiving more. To get our breakthrough we often need to become something more and to help us do that we need something new to enter the picture, to challenge us, knock off the rust, to get us to think a new way about who we are and challenge us to view things a new way and define ourselves in new ways. As a result of that we will then act in a new ways. Our GBG vitamin business is all about my need list. You can’t get a new result without acting a new way. You can’t act if you think a new way and you can’t think a new way against what you believe to be true right now. Believing is only challenged when we birth something new. If this is speaking to you drop me a note and request the introduction to my book, The Power to Become and I’ll send is to you free, for just a donation if you like to help with printing, shipping and handling. There is a way the Holy Spirit works and if we understand that process we move forward so much faster and become fruitful much quicker. This is about thirty pages or so of reading, (two chapters) along with a DVD of a presentation before a group of men. You can also choose to simply download the two chapters of writings here only by clicking on my link here. Good reading and victory to you as you break through. Please keep in mind, these are not professionally edited yet, we’re working on that. We’re believing God for an editor and funds to print the whole book later this year.      15 – 13 Change Your Thinking  16 – 14 Change Your Believing