Lately I have been sensing the Holy Spirit nudging me to treat our business more like a ministry. Don’t get me wrong, I have always believed our business to be a ministry and it is! However, his nudge and use of the term treat is for a certain reason. When I asked the Lord what he wanted, in response to this nudge, He clearly said; “First, I want prayer. Prayer is the key.” Our prayer ministry has been steadily growing over the past few years and now it’s time to add a team of people, to join with me, for the purpose of increasing His power in our ministry in these later times, but for oh, so much more!  I am not sure what all it will be, I’m on a Holy Spirit led adventure here, but I know it includes the purpose of teaching what we have learned about prayer and it’s release of power as we attempt business exploits in His name and as we go into cities all around the country. Read my 1 A First letter of introduction to our City by City/Child by Child prayer team and join us. We’ll pray for you and for your ministry and for your city as you pray for us over ours. Love, Sam