Welcome to samuelswords blog. This will be the place of our gathering and sharing of information about Jesus, about the word, of general encouragement and about our City by City/Child by Child prayer initiative. You can visit here often, I suggest weekly to pick up details of what is happening in our prayer team efforts as we travel around the country. I’ll be positing insights from scripture and about events as they unfold as we pray, seek God and he speaks to us. If you search “city” or “city by city” you’ll be given the posts relating just to the Granpa Cratchet prayer ministry over cities and children. My goal is to touch the cities, the children and to invigorate your life as well. Happy reading and I pray that the Spirit of revelation might rest upon you and that the voice of the Holy Spirit would come clear and powerful upon you as you join with us. We need a Holy Spirit revolution in our cities! We can retake our nation for God, one city at a time! A spiritual revival in a city will drastically change its make up and direction, its productivity and the total health of the citizens living there. Join us and take the journey to intimacy and power. Sam