Dear Granpa Prayer Team:

Week In Review

 What a great two weeks just passed us by like minutes! We went into two great towns: Goodland, Indiana and Logan, Ohio, both small towns with much history and color. Much prayer was felt in the atmosphere as we all joined our voices as one over these areas. Everything went smoothly; weather, our work and sales were blessed.  Debbie and I also visited Nashville, Tennessee for basic business details (Where our corporation is headquartered).  Every city, whether quick or long and intense visit gets our prayer attention! 

This Week

 This week I’m with super spirit filled friends at in Hershey, Pennsylvania in training with our performer, Rick Pickens (Rick trains me as much as I train him) and delivering equipment. You’ll learn more about Rick and Hershey later.

 Encouraging Word

So, I am new with this prayer team, but I am so excited about the different we can make in cities!  I am so excited about so much potential we have in this group of prayer leaders to turn the course of our nation. I also sense in the spirit that this prayer team can cause doors to open for our work that we have not been able to open before, that we will increase our ministry influence and make a difference in the lives of millions of kids and adults on a global level!!! My connection with you is like a breath – a breath of fresh air – but oh, so much more. Perhaps the breath will turn into a breeze and the breeze will turn into a strong wind. And, the wind blows in all directions; into our own church, into our personal lives, into our extended families, into our businesses and jobs. When  the wind blows all sales get filled and all ships are empowered to launch out. The effect is felt across the board. It’s not just about cities, it’s about our whole lives, all the atmosphere around us. Stay with it! Stay in prayer. Stay in the flow. Keep your ear to the ground. Listen, listen, listen says the Lord. My voice is about to speak, in a multitude of ways, like a mighty wind! And your prayers for the cities will also turn and bless you in your own city and household, says the Lord! I know it. I can sense it. Look for breakthroughs; in knowledge and opportunity over the summer.

Urgent Prayer Needed ! !

This week our ministry unit is in Hermitage, New York at New Beginnings Fellowship. Pray for salvations! Pray for our Granpa Cratchet ministry team, Jason and Trish Fronczak as they travel there. Already there is great resistance. We just had Jason’s equipment gone over thoroughly and yet he is having mechanical problems on the way there. Prayer is urgently needed that all problems will be solved, that he will arrive on time, that he will not be wore out and distracted and that salvations will take place and doors will open for future ministry.  Our company is about to turn a corner toward greater direct ministry for churches and we need a prayer team to take this “city.”

 New Prayer Ministry Communications Tool

 I need to communicate so much with you, but I don’t want to clog up your email box, so I am preparing my blog, right here:  This will become our communications center as we get started and begin to build. You will be able to go there (You can right now) and get updates about cities and get training about prayer. You will be able to go as deep as you want to go, so your prayer ministry and connection with us can go as far and as deep as you choose. Visit anytime and watch it grow over the summer!

 Back Talk

 Unlike growing up with your parents, you can talk back to me. Are you there?  God ideas and insights? Got insights about cities as you pray?  Email me:  Your input is valuable and your love is needed.

 Love, Sam