What an awesome two weeks it has been here at the Granpa Ministry. We got a new performer, a real answer to prayer, right here in KOKOMO! Can you believe it. We’d like to welcome Christopher Wilson to our team. He trained for a week at the shop while we were repairing equipment and he has been performance training all this past week at the Howard County Fair.  Doing great Chris! It’s a lot to learn: script, blocking, gestures, humor, audience participation – wow! What a brain teaser. Keep praying for cities! Find the list posted here on the blog (Key words city and list) and see where we are and the cities we are praying for and visiting this week. We can feel your prayers!  We need more prayer partners! The more the better. We still have not contacted many of our church friends about joining our City by City – Child by Child prayer team, so spead the word. Praying for others is a great way to have the effects of prayer splash back on you!

Love, Sam