Sometime early last year Debbie and I were sitting at our kitchen table having one of our fabulous times in the Spirit over the word and in prayer. We love those times together. Love you Debbie! You are my partner in the Spirit. Debbie was reading in Acts at that time and as we got to looking closely at the verses in chapters twenty-seven and twenty-eight the word just seemed to begin to open up and jump off the page. The result was a book we’ve entitled: Shipwrecked – but not lost! From the story of Paul, a committed, Spirit filled Christian, totally in God’s will, we saw a potential shipwreck turned into a powerful move of God. In the process of that unfolding journey we suddenly saw many powerful principles for survival and success. The result is a series of ninety readings called Shipwrecked. This is a fantastic tool our City by City prayer team can use to encourage those facing difficult times. Have hurting people soak up the encouragement or those with the ministry of encouragement can use these for training. Download and hand out! For more readings visit our blog and use search term Shipwrecked or just choose the Shipwreck category to the right in the blog. Read, enjoy, learn and grow! Please contact me to reprint or republish on the web.   Sam      53 Hit From All Sides