Here’s a snap shot of what Shipwrecked is all about. I hope this introduction will give you a quick look and entice you for more. Watch for other posts as Judy and I work through them and edit. Thank you Judy for your help in editing this manuscript.

Many of you are facing storms out there right now. Take heart! Storms come to us all, it’s not just you. I know, it doesn’t lessen the pain, but know you are not alone and don’t let the enemy tell you that you are! You are not alone. The Bible is full of the stories of storms faced, endured and overcome by people just like me and you. This story of Paul in Acts 26 and 27 is about a real storm and how he overcame in the midst of the tempest and went on to great success. Yes, the storm did damage, there was loss, but it also propelled him into God’s power and perfect will. The same can happen to you. Get on board and go on the journey with Paul and see how the Holy Spirit went with him, delivered him, and handed him a new life, all through the storm! Click on the Shipwrecked category to the right to see a list of posts from my book Shipwrecked – But Not Lost! and good sailing to you.  Sam    Introduction for Shipwrecked Blog