This week was an unusual week in that I got to visit four cities in Ohio; McArthur, Tiffin, Marysville and New Lexington. Each city has its own sort of economy and personality. As I travel through the city I enter into His presence and seek Him for guidance about how to pray for that area. Tiffin seems quite prosperous, while McArthur seems to be poor, but like the cities of the Book of Revelation there is positive and negative forces at work in every one, but God loves them all. If the people there will heed his voice, if there is but a remnant of those who will seek him with all their hearts and learn their lessons and seek his face to do whatever he wants and are willing to grow and enter into the school of the Holy Spirit, there is hope for that city. God’s plans are not to harm, but to prosper, if his people will hear and obey. Practice praying over your city. Learn how to enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit and hear from God. Your lessons and the blessings that come from obedience will wash back onto you and your family. I cry out to the Lord, where are people who will pray for their city and hold hearing and obeying over their religion and tradition? They seem to be far and few between in all the cities, but God wants to change that. Search the word, learn how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and enter into his presence and learn to see what is happening in the spirit realm over your city and intercede! You could be God’s instrument for revival! Love, Sam