My name is Guy Gumshoe. I’m a private eye. I’ve got one good eye and I’m very private. I’m also a believer, in Jesus that is. My mission from God is to help you find the truth. Here on samuelswords blog you can read my adventures, watch videos and listen to audio adventures, too. I snoop out facts on cities for the prayer team and generally just hang around. As time goes along you’ll find some of my Bible studies for kids and lots of other fun stuff. Just check the Guy Gumshoe category to the right and you’ll find all my latest stories. You can also search Guy Gumshoe and you’ll find all my case files. Well, I’ve got to go now and walk the streets to see who I can help find the truth. I’ll be see’n ya ’round, and remember to look me up when you’re in town. There’s always a new adventure being written.  Guy Gumhsoe Case #1 Jesus Is Boss