What a week it has been here in Napanee!  I do appreciate all the prayers that are going up on our behalf over our equipment, our events, ministers and cities.  Debbie got to come up with me to Napanee for a couple days this week and we had a fabulous time. The weather has not been perfect, but good. Crowds have been big, as usual and product sales are going very good. What has made it a hard week is a battling a chest cold. I started last weekend at Pork Fest and I’ve fought this thing all week. Saturday here was particularly hard since it was such a huge day: four shows and a parade just made it so hard on my chest and throat. Fortunately my nurse wife Debbie made me go over to a small clinic here, which was like going back in time. The people were very friendly and with an awesome bedside manner. So I’m on the upswing now, but tonight we have a long jump over to Dover, Ohio, about six hours and open right away tomorrow. Many thanks to Jacob and family for coming up and visiting and all their help making fun packs and helping take down. I’ll see you all next week from Dover. Love, Sam