Reports from Cities

This past week I was at the Napanee Apple Festival. Debbie got to come up and spend a couple of days with me. Yeaaa! The crowds were great, a great parade and a great, all American city. The apple festival is wonderful with everything apple and craft and lots of Amish atmoshere with horses and buggies abounding. My throat and chest congestion contined to provide me with a very hard time and sapped all my energy. Debbie, my very own nurse, got me into a local clinic which was very much like the home town doctors of the good ole days, it was really a fun visit. Show attendance and product sales was fine but the lack of energy was a real struggle. During the week I just didn’t feel like doing anything at all, it was a real push to get my strength and voice through the shows. Not fun, but I made it. Keep praying for our cities