Sam and Debbie

What a morning Debbie and I had in Devotions!  Today is Friday, October the 14th, 2011. Tomorrow is the very first ever Granpa Cratchet Allstar Television Network Day Camp. What a time it has been preparing over the past two weeks. First, the Metz family wanted to come down from Wisconsin to see the headquarters. That turned into a work and puppet play day and we began to invite a few other kids and their families who love Granpa and voila! It has taken on a life . We now have about eight or ten kids and more adults since families are coming. We’re cleaning, fixing, building in the Granpa Barn Production Center. We’re having puppet, writing and many other workshops. We’re making Granpa YouTube videos. We have a video production team, carpenters, workshops leaders. Everyone I invited to come and do something said “Yes!”  Wow. What an awesome response. This morning Debbie and I sat down to pray together and before we could even pray for the camp God directed Debbie to Psalms chapter twenty and it just jumped off the page and answered all our questions and worries over the project and the future of this vision. Wow, what an awesome God who meets us with new wine every day! Check in later to see photos and video from the camp. Pray for a great day, for God to move, for kids to be blessed in the word and for adults to catch the vision.  Love, Sam