Ethan Videotaping

The very first Granpa Cratchet Allstar Network TV Camp was a big success in every aspect. The kids were awesome! They loved being in front of the camera. They helped run the cameras. We had workshops, we did chores to help clean up and organize the production center and we did video projects. We had time in the word and, as always, we hugged the kids. When it was all done I could see that our greatest asset in all of this was what it has been all along -Granpa Cratchet’s ability to captivate children and our ability to relate to kids. They loved every part of being behind the scenes. The six hours when like six minutes. We taped Granpa and Walley the squirrel, we did a country music video, we taped network bumpers and interviews. We had pizza for lunch and finished off with a weenie roast where very child got an award one for something they did during the day. Keep watching on this blog and samuelswords YouTube for finished video projects and behind the scenes footage we shot. Keep praying for cities and kids. This ministry to kids is a great way to go into and win cities! We can reach the hard hearts of parents through the soft hearts of their childen.