Cameron & Lauren at Hershey

It has been a week or so since I posted, but a lot has been going on. Just getting into home base and off the road is quite a chore. It takes a while to settle in and get into a home routine; unloading equipment, getting ready for winter, setting up for next year’s sales. My, my. A lot to do. I continue to spend a great deal of time in the word each morning, it seems like I have a hard time just keeping up with everything the Holy Spirit says to me each morning. I’m getting ready to post a couple new series; how to hear God’s voice and how to have the word of God, your Bible, come alive. It should be living and power, speaking to you, changing your life and helping you become all you are called to be. It your time in the word is nonexistent or stuck in the mud this will be for you. Debbie and I had a long weekend away with Cameron and Loren and Rick and Jolene Pickens at our favorite getaway church, Life Center in Harrisburg. Two of the pastors prayed over us and had some great words for us. I got to pray over Charles and the Holy Spirit really seemed to touch him as I spoke forth words of prayer and encouragement. What a blessing and privilege to get to pray for such a man of God as Charles. Thanks to Rick, Jolene and Cameron for some great laughs. One night we got to joking around and telling stories and laughed so hard we all cried! We need those times of refreshing and healing. Wow! Did we get it all in one weekend; the word, prayer, the prophetic, great walks, sharing and laughing. Who could ask for more. This winter has some real challenges ahead and we’ll be talking about that as we go along.  meanwhile, stay in the word and stay in God’s presence. We’ll be talking some about praying for cities you all live in, since I’m not on the road right now and our tour isn’t set yet for next year.  Expect God to touch your whole city!  Love Sam 

Sam & Debbie at Hershey