Thankful the Turkey

There are so many things that I am so thankful for: For life itself; that God thought of me, designed me, set a place in time for me, gave me good parents and beautiful, green place on earth for me to appear. For salvation; that God revealed to me His existence and gave me the insight to know that He is, that He loves me, that He has made a way for me to know him and draw near. For His son Jesus; who is so sweet and dear, a friend that sticks closer than a brother, for his precious Holy Spirit who comes into my room every morning, walks with me through every day and helps me learn and grow, who is with me in the highs and the lows of my life, who reassures me of my future hope, that all will eventually be healed and that I will get to be with Him forever growing in the expanse of his universe and in the depths of his love. For heaven; a place he is preparing for me, where I will fully know him, where I will get to fully experience his creative power, where I will see every member of my family every day, living full lives without fear, doubt, worry, where I will forever get to meet dear, close, loving old friends who I have never met before. For all the dear ones who love me and I love so much while I journey here on this planet; for my wife, all my children and grandchildren, my brothers and sisters, my dad and my friends – for I find my greatest riches in all the people I know. I am so thankful for my little slice of heaven here in Indiana; my property, my house, such a wonderful place to meet with my loving friends and for the country I live in and love, the greatest nation on earth, even with all its problems and flaws; for all the potential it yet holds. I am so thankful for hands and feet and a voice that let me go and meet people and do fun things. Lord, may I always use them in a way that shows you how thankful I am for them for I know I can not at the same time treat anyone in a thankful way and a harmful way. Oh, so much to be thankful for: paper clips, and Buffalo Wild Wings, those fresh, warm donuts where they give you a free one right out of the oven while you’re waiting to get a whole bag full. For electric drills and duck tape and diesel fuel, for sugar and computers that drive me nuts, but let me talk to kids all over the world. Thank you Lord for the memories, and all that is yet to be lived. For meat and for veggies, too. For DVDs, music, movies, hot buttered pop corn, cold sweet tea, ball room dancing, video cameras, staple guns and all those really stupid videos on Youtube. For wind that lifts me up, for gravity that keeps me down, for snow that cools my toes and the sun that warms my nose. For fairs and carnival rides that make us smile and sick, all at the same time. For books that make me think, for people who don’t see things the way I do so I can see things a new way. For buttons and holes for them to go through, for Velcro and sewing machines and little mobiles that let me go meet so many people and say whatever I want and get away with it. For all the smiles I see and laughter I hear when I say all those silly things and especially for tiny, tender hearts who want to hear what I say. For old people and very little children I meet where ever I go, who have so much to give to me, for a mind that can comprehend and for the painful discovery of humility that keeps my mind open – to learn about all there is yet to see and know. Thank you Lord, for all the dark days that I might love the light, for all the pain that I might so love the pleasure of your healing, for every need, that I might be thankful for every provision, for the freebees that make me happy and the challenges that make me strong, for closed doors that teach me how to turn knobs, for every great loss that I might appreciate every little gain, for every problem that keeps me realizing every moment of the day – how much I need you. So, just one more thank you, Lord; for reams of blank paper and for ink pens and for so much more yet to write. Grant me seeing eyes and an open heart so I might fill the paper and discover you between the lines of my life, as I list all the things you’ve given, that I am so thankful for.