Cities List

Cities Prayer List

So much is happening since I got off the road. While trying to rest up from summer tour and relaxing a little for the Holidays, I’m working on equipment, repairing buildings and putting together next summer’s tour. So much for rest!  I do get a lot of time in the word and in prayer, as always. I so continue to enjoy getting together with local pastors every week to pray over Kokomo. Thank you Logan for making me part of this! Attached here our growing list of cities we are praying over for next year. As part of our prayer team, 1) print out this list, 2) Post it where you can see it, and 3) Pray over these cities and the events I have listed. Contact me if you’d like to have our prayer team pray over your city and leaders.

Click on this link to download and print out cities currently on our prayer list: Cities List  and  What our prayer team does