Our prayer team makes a difference. Here’s what we do:  

Sam at Panera

Sam at Panera

  • We pray for over cities
  • We ask God for revival in the cities
  • We pray for the leaders in the cities
  • We pray for hunger for God to come over the city
  • We bind evil activity over the city
  • We loose heavenly angelic activity over the city
  • We love God on behalf of that city
  • We repent for sin on behalf of that city
  • We cry out before God for the churches in each city
  • We cry out before God for the businesses in each city
  • We cry out to God for the children of each city
  • We stretch out our spiritual eyes over the city for prophetic insight and spiritual discernment
  • We look for leaders to connect with in that city
  • We gather information about the city and form a personal bond to that city
  • We travel to the city for special prayer and discernment

Here’s what you can do to be involved:

  • Pray with us over all our cities
  • Add your city to our prayer list
  • Add your name to our City Prayer Email List
  • Pray for our Granpa Cratchet Ministry team
  • Join with us as we travel to cities

 How to Join

To join our City by City – Child by Child Prayer Team simply send me your Email. That’s all you have to do. Then enjoy the benefits of prayer, fellowship and connection.

Visit www.samuelsword.wordpress.com to be encouraged, download teaching and view reports from the cities and our prayer team members

  • Join us as our prayer team travels to cities
  • Communicate with us
  • Request special prayer
  • Report breakthroughs, spiritual activity and city events to our team for prayer
  • Go to our blog and keep up with prayer events and teaching

Click on this link and download:  What our prayer team does