I get to go to some of the coolest places on earth! In the month of January I went to three conventions as my team signed up cities for our Granpa ministry for this next year. Here’s a photo from the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. If you love horses and love to ski you have to go there! Google them. We were there for the Virgina Association of fairs. Also, here’s a picture from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Such opulence. I am very humble to think I get to stay in places like these when there are so many homeless and kids around the world living in garbage dumps.  God is really blessing our efforts. I have such a great team. Please pray for Variety attractions: George, Phyllis, Bill, Todd, Forrest, Andy, Vicki and Ken. What a group of great people who believe in what Granpa’s doing and make all our work possible. If you want a great place to get away to with your spouse or family you’ve got to check out these places.