Hey gang. Well my voice here on the blog has been kind of quiet the past month,

Sam Backstage

but I assure you God’s voice has not been silent. I have been waiting before him on your behalf and a lot has happened in January. The adventure of life in the Spirit is never dull or boring. What an adventure! Here’s a January recap:

Debbie is healed of headaches, a new vision for and a sales plan arrives for our business, a man given a 5% chance of living out the day in intensive care walks out of hospital, conventions a success, first cousin and husband both killed in auto accident, prayer walk through area of city where three are slain, mentoring ministry begins and more.

 I’ll be sharing a lot of it here with you. The goal: get you on the exciting adventure with me. You need to hear from God! You need a fresh word. this is a year of new beginnings and you cannot begin with little or no voice from God. His voice makes all the difference! The goal of all my writing and of this blog is to help you learn how to hear, through my teaching and by watching the voice of God work in my life. Be sure, I have a lot to learn. I don’t have all the answers. I am not a pastor. I’m just a regular guy. But I know his voice and I can help you learn. I want to! It’s so much fun. Let’s get you on the adventure of serving God and others and hearing his voice.