In March I was privileged to travel to and spend a couple of weeks in Mercedes, Texas. It was a long trip! Fifteen hundred miles – each way! The trip was long but I got to spend a lot of truck time with the Lord. The time there was very fruitful in our children’s ministry. We ministered at the Rio Grande Valley Rodeo and Livestock Show. It was a big event, a couple hundred thousand people. I estimate Granpa Cratchet got to meet about twenty thousand of those people. About fifteen thousand people sat down to see our show and several hundred kids took home videos teaching follow the instructions. We had a great sponsor, Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics. Their staff was terrific and very professional, but also obviously Christians. Prayer over the city seemed very tight to me. We need to pray for that area. There is a corridor along the Mexican border there from McAllen to Brownsville in the Rio Grande Valley. Mercedes is right in the middle. Prayer seemed strained, the atmosphere seemed a little hard. They need breakthroughs! Every trip is a learning experience. Our country desperately needs spiritual revival. We desperately need men and women who will seek God, find his presence and be conduits for the supernatural power of God that baffles man’s wisdom.