Landyn’s Revelation 

Here is a picture of Landyn. For your edification and enjoyment I have posted a report here on the blog called Landyn’s Revelation. It seems as though God is always doing something supernatural in my life and this one is awesome.  Landyn is my great grandson who is three.  (Yes, I’m that old! But hey, we started very young, too!) Doctors are now officially calling him autistic. He does not yet speak, but this is a short story about what he recently said to his dad (My grandson) and what happened to his dad after that.  It’s short and here’s its mission: to encourage you that God is with you and your family, that he speaks to everyone, that he will and is speaking to your children, no matter how young, old, or how challenged they are! Be encouraged. God is speaking to our children! and that will increase as we move into this season of revival. If he is speaking to them he can and will speak to you. Download and send this great story on to someone who needs the lift. Love, Sam