Dear City by City Prayer Team:

     This week our ministry team; Sam and Craigen, are off to Logan, Ohio to the Washboard Festival. PRAY FOR LOGAN, OHIO! Oh, that God would send the revival fire again to our nation and to our cities as in the revivals of 1857 and 1904. It’s time again for revival. As I travel to cities I travail in prayer over the city and over the region, over the whole state and our nation. We so need a great revival. The revivals of the past have changed the future and course of whole nations almost overnight. If we do not have revival before this election things will not go well.

     We know we need revival yet I fear the time for the power of the Spirit is not yet quite here for I do not sense the travail in prayer for revival that must precede God’s move. He must be invited! And, we cannot invite him without the anointed inviting prayer that so identified the revivals of the past.  Many are beginning to pray. Prayer groups are springing up all over here in Kokomo, but the travail for revival type of praying has not yet arrived. The baby cannot be born without the labor!  Many are praying, but few are yet praying through and travailing for revival. It is not the time for usual prayer. It is a time for dedicated, fervent prayer. There needs to be a great revival of prayer among the saved and Spirit filled who will bring the condition of our families, our churches and our government, our nation before the throne of God. Where is the travail of prayer for revival? it is not there yet because God’s people don’t yet fully see the need.

     We have been slowly steeped in the boiling water that leads to apathy. We have it so good, even while the lost are dying in droves around us and our nation is falling apart, we are too comfortable to get down on our knees. Never before has there been such a time of comfort. God break our comfort! Never before have God’s people been so busy. Satan’s great strategy at this time is to make us as comfortable as possible and to keep us busy and preoccupied with so many things. I call the people to wipe their slates clean of any and all activities except seeking God and praying for revival and preparing themselves in the word so when the move of God comes we will have the training, the stamina, the vision, and the anointing needed to be the leaders upon whom the Holy Spirit first falls! 

     Logan, Ohio is not just another town. It is a rough and tumble country with a rough history. It is your town! Take it! It is mining country. It needs revival! The power of the Holy Spirit needs to fall as in the great revivals of the past. If revival begins there it will come to your town! it does not matter where it starts, as long as it starts.  I am calling this team to pray for revival over the cities and over our nation. I am calling you, if you are one of the people on this prayer team, to travail in prayer, to go to a new level in prayer, to pray for revival over our cities and our nation. If it comes to our cities it will come to your church and your family.

 Love, Sam and Debbie   Happy 24 years this week!