What a great summer we are having. In my journaling this spring, during very stressful times preparing for this summer and while going through many changes, the Lord stuck in one of my morning writings to relax, that this would be one of my best years with Granpa Cratchet, and so far that is exactly right!  Things are going very well. Our new performers Aaron and Gina are doing a terrific job. I am very excited that my grandson Craigen Combs is touring and doing an outstanding job performing. What a great year it is turning out to be and I just signed my first contract for next year.  I know it has been a little quiet here on the blog but I continue to write much. I suppose if I posted all I have written here I would have another hundred posts for you to read! God is continuing to bless my writing and my time with Him as His voice increases. When you spend time with God it is a good investment. Dividends just show up other places without any effort at all. Its work learning how to rest in Jesus!  LOL!!  More to come as ministry opportunities are showing up. Many new things will be established this year and so it will be with you. Spend time with God. Seek Him with all your might and he will bless you! Love, Sam  continue to pray for your city! Revival is coming. Will you ignore, participate or lead? The choice is yours!