I have added two new categories to samuelswords: Revival and Church. As I share over the coming weeks the relevancy of these will become obvious. God has turned my definition of church upside down!  Or I should say right side up. Much of what I thought has been challenged and changed. Debbie and I are experiencing revival in our lives, that is a true move of God and when that happens many old traditions die and new life is poured into dormant parts of our lives; into our marriages, children, finances, church, purpose – when God comes on the scene everything is changes. Old things are swept out, new life appears everywhere. Everything gets redefined. Just like how in the spring grass and tress bud and bloom God is budding and blooming in so many different places in our lives. I can’t wait to share all he is doing and to see what He will do as he works in you! When new life comes, new fruit appears and that’s the payoff. Revival is happening! Come see what it is and join in this very personal, intimate, love story between you and Jesus. He is alive and real! Love, Sam