Sam’s Journal
3 14 2013 – The first day of our scheduled revival at Brookside Free Methodist

It has been a good week here. Many meetings with people and lots of time together one on one and our first official house church meeting last Sunday. Jeff, Doug and I have spent a lot of time praying over the past month. Today the rubber meets the road.
Jeff has done a lot of reading about revival. If anything he is the one called to do this of the three of us. He is the one who thought of it, who initiated it, who has studied it, who obviously has his eyes focused on it and has prepared for it. If it had not been for him I would not have had the interest or the prayer or the focus for revival, even though I was praying for Kokomo! Revival simply brings it all down to a succinct idea, a line in the sand, a point of clear definition and decision, a cross road that can been seen, heard, experienced where one can choose to change directions. If Jeff had not initiated it I would not have walked into it, I got it only because Jeff introduced it to me. God has used him to bring focus on revival.
I, on the other hand, have been given my place, which I fully believe is to pray for people, to teach them into what they have received in the revival so it is lasting. Jeff initiates, I follow up. Jeff gets them in the pool, I teach them to be efficient swimmers. Jeff pushed them in the tub, I scrub them down. Jeff gets them in the car, I teach them how to drive to a satisfactory conclusion.
This past week, working with Cody, God has helped me learn my role: to give the people knowledge about the things of the Spirit so they can continue effective, powerful warfare and relationship with the Spirit when Jeff and I are not around. The Holy Spirit empowers us to do and knowledge tells us what to do. It is a dynamite combo. As the Holy Spirit falls and works with people I will get discernments, words of knowledge, supernatural insights so as to aid the Spirit in accomplishing a new, deep, lasting, fruit in the people. Many are demonized, many are traumatized, many are just ignorant, if not deceived about what a powerful, Godly, spiritual life is. In revival God gives a higher level of supernatural power to defeat darkness and sin and to reveal new light and that is aided by a team; those who pray and introduce, and those who pray and instruct and apply spiritual instruction. Its as if revival is the electrical paddles that bring people back to life and instruction from the word about the working of the Spirit is application of procedures to get them strong, back on their feet, and back into the battle with weapons they understand.
Today is the first day of what Jeff, Doug and I have been praying for for months. Jeff and I are looking for the power of the Spirit to help us launch our house church network. We cannot, yea, will not do the work. We have been crying out for days on end for the Holy Spirit to break through and do the work. Today is the day. The date has been set. We have extended our faith. We have prayed without ceasing, for days on end. We have cried out to God have mercy! We have spent hours in powerful, forcible prayer in the chapel. We have confessed our sin; we have toiled before the throne, praying with fervent prayers for many days. Today we cross the line in the sand. I expect our lives to never be the same after today. We do not know what God will do. But I pray with all sincerity and a fervent heart that I am not the cause if it does not come. I have believed God for this all my life. I have seen it, felt it, wanted it, cried out for it now for forty years. God promised me in college that if He was allowed to work on me for a time then He would “return” and the move and work of the Holy Spirit through me would return and be much greater. He has indeed worked on me, now it is time again for Him to work through me. Even so, I doubt. I wonder if it will happen. I pray to God that any doubt I have will not be the undoing of the work. I cry out so. God let it come. Let it happen. Have mercy, God! I know He has a time for this end time glory that will cover the whole earth before His return – is this it, or is there yet an appointed time? Only today will tell.
I have come to believe that it will come in waves. I don’t think any amount of preparation can really make us ready for revival, for the glory of God. There is some understanding that can only come when we have the experience of it first hand. I pray the waves will continue today. I have seen evidence of them already, the gentle waves lapping on the sand, slowly changing the shape of the beach. What Debbie and I have seen this past year in our home life, in our faith, in our walk in the Spirit, in what God does with us while we gather with family and friends around the kitchen table is nothing short of revival. We have redefined everything! In this time God has reshaped our thinking about church, marriage and how to live in the power of the Christian life. He has restored his voice to us individually and to our marriage. He has saved two of our grandsons and He is energizing a son and his family and our daughter and her family as they are learning to hear the voice of God. I pray that this week is a new wave of the Spirit on a new level. Everything must be redefined! Everything must be revived in the church! How we think, believe, act and pray. It must all come to the table, be laid bare Almighty God and scrutinized before the knowing eye of His Holy Spirit. How we leisure and entertain ourselves, all the activities that we fill our minds and time with must be scrutinized and we must realize how far we have moved away from God! But can we contain the revelation of it all in a single day? I think not. I must take a little time for if we wholly see God and our sin all at once we would surely die. We must grow in it. I pray that this week will be a clear beginning of all that God will continue to increase to do in the coming days and weeks, ever increasing up to the rapture, the return of Jesus.
May His Spirit be with us! God begin revival today!!!! God save your people, save your church, save our families and save our nation or we will perish.