Sam in Plant city 2011Today is July 16th, I think?! Welcome new followers of samuelswords! After a loooong fifnteen hour trip yesterday from Salem, Virgina I arrived safe and sound in Valpariso, Indiana. This week I begin to pray over and to teach the children in Porter County, Indiana, after a day at home. I get to spend tonight and tomorrow at home with my lovely wife, Debbie, I will visit Jared at the jail and greet the church that meets in our home with a meal and fellowship, and I get to spend some time with Brother Logan. Wow, what a great day or two it will be.
Here’s what’s new and happening now on the blog, new topics, click on categories on the side:
1) Church. What is it? How should it work? What should it do? Dead organization, or living organism
2) Moving Your Montain: Understanding why God designed the mountains of our lives, ideas about how to release the Power of Mark 11:22,
3) How to get the most from your Bible. Tips, ideas, tools
4) Book reports: great reads you may be interested in.
I want God to be real! I want to talk to Him and know He hears me and I want to hear Him speak to me. Else, what’s the use? You know what I’m saying? Love, Sam