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The other day I came home to find all the kids in the house with stuffed up, runny noses and sore throats. You know the drill. I thought oh great, I have to use my voice and make appearances in the next month. Getting a cold is just what I don’t need.

Then a picture flashed in my mind, downloaded from the Lord in a nanosecond microburst. What I saw was the Holy Spirit hovering over me, in anticipation of what I was about to say. Then, over the next few minutes the picture slowly transitioned into words; “I am the Holy Spirit. I am hovering over you, just like I hovered over the face of the earth in Genesis chapter one, waiting for God to speak so I would know what to perform. (Genesis 1:3) I am hovering over you in the same way. I am watching to see what you will speak and I am here in power to perform what you say.”

The Insight Unfolds

Wow! Suddenly I was very aware of what was about to come out of my mouth about the cold I was sure I was about to catch. I immediately shut my trap and considered my words. I thought, if the Holy Spirit is hovering over me, waiting and watching, on assignment to work in my words as they flow from my mouth and into my life, to perform whatever I might speak, then what might I change about the casual words I often say without consideration? What if everything I said would actually come to pass? (Matthew 17:20) Then how might I change my language? How might I reconsider my language and intentionally direct my words?

Five Powerful Phrases

Here are five powerful phrases you should speak out into the atmosphere around you when you are tempted to say something less than what a totally blessed, child of the King might say.

1 – I am a child of the King of Kings! 

When you think you are a child of the king, then you will think like a child of the King. You will act like a child of the King and as such you will receive the benefits of being, thinking, acting and believing like a child of the king.

2 – I have blessings I have not earned!

As long as you think God’s blessing upon your life is dependent upon you, in any way, shape or form, then there will always be a reason the enemy can use against you to cancel your benefits, to get you preoccupied with earning your blessing, rather than simply resting in your blessing.

3 – The Word of God is more powerful than my circumstances

The enemy will try to get you to think there are exceptions, situations where God cannot do anything, that blessings are only spiritual and not practical. When you believe this you will say things that line up with the false belief that you have to fix everything all by yourself. In all situations, and the optimal word is ALL, say to your situation, the Word of God is more powerful and it says I am blessed. Read the word, believe the Word, speak the Word, in all situations and the Word will work and your circumstances will move to line up with the word. Jesus said the mountain would move. You may not know exactly when or how, but speak to your mountain. You move the mountain, it does not move you.

4 – I am mightily blessed of God!

Say what you are, what you are according to God’s Word, which is the most powerful force in the universe. When you line up with His Word you are releasing the power that created the universe and holds it together.

5 – Circumstances, you will not harm me, but work out for my good!

Let a Holy Spirit empowered determination well up within you when you have a cantankerous day. Say this truth with confidence, as if it is true, because it is. Saying what is true, when circumstances are not yet lined up with the truth, begins the process of moving them in line with what God says to be true.

Do not live by eyesight or by emotions, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. You are a child of the King. Believe like you are a child of the King. Act like you are a child of the King. Speak like you are a child of the King, and eventually your life will be lived like that of a child of the King.

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