5 Things About God  That Will Help You Trust Him More And Receive More


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There are five important things you need to know about God that will help you get more of what He has for you. These five attributes about who He is and how He works are critical must-knows if you want to position yourself to experience more and receive more. Would you like to experience more of God? Would knowing Him in a deeper way be beneficial to you?

These five things grow the most vital ingredient to your walk with God: trust. If you trust Him more you will experience Him more. Trust is the foundation of your relationship with God. Your trust level greatly impacts the quality, content and quantity of your personal God experience. Faith for your journey comes by being close to God, but do you trust Him enough to let Him get close to you? You will participate in the relationship only to the point that you trust, so developing trust is critical.

Many of us have a hard time trusting God. Perhaps you’ve had problems and wondered where God was, or perhaps religious people, claiming to be close to God, have hurt you. There is good news for you! Today you can decide to trust Him more and knowing these five things about God will help you do just that.

1. God Is A Triune God

What this means is that you have an awesome dream team working for you. The Father is controlling every detail in the universe. Jesus, the son, is standing before the Father on your behalf, pleading your case, every nano-second of your day. The Holy Spirit is in you working to help you receive what they have for you. Expand your understanding of your dream team and your trust in God will grow and benefits fill flow. The trinity is something we all know about, but few of us really know. In my 5 Things About God booklet I’ll give you a fresh, invigorating look at how the trinity is rooting for you and working for you.

2. God Is Big

We get wrapped up in our daily lives and forget how to go out and look at the stars. God has created the universe just for us, millions of galaxies, just to reveal to us how big, how magnificent, how capable He is. When you get a vision of how big God is your problems become smaller. God gave Abraham a promise, but he began to believe that promise only after God took him out and showed him all the stars. In my 5 Things booklet, which is totally free to you, I’ll take you out into the universe and show you the stars. When you see how big He is, your trust will expand. And so will your rest

3. God Is Small

Here’s the point: there is nothing too small about your life, no detail to insignificant that God does not care about that detail. When you look into the small you will see how intricate, caring, detailed and loving your God is. He has the capability to get into the small of your life and fix things. When you download Five Things About God, you will go into the small and see God’s ability to work with the little things in your life. When you do this, you will trust Him more and your ability to rest in the storm will increase.

4. God Is Covenant

This means God is committed to you, no matter what. You can’t chase Him off, no matter what you have done, not matter how you foul up. We are used to people making commitments and then breaking them. But God will never, ever abandon you, discard you, and leave you alone to cope on your own. Many are afraid to get close to God. Because they have been hurt in relationships they think God will hurt them. They think they will get close and then get the boot by an angry God. When you realize how faithful and loving, and consistent God is, you will let Him get close and that means you open up to unfathomable benefits for you and your family.

5. God Is Eternal
Our final of five truths that will help you develop trust in God is: God is eternal. While you have a short window of time to make the choice to resist or resonate with God, He is not limited. He will go on forever, and if you choose to resonate with Him then you will go on forever with Him, in His ever full and yet growing presence and all the abundant blessings that go with it. The tradeoff of whatever it might cost you now, to get that eternity, is worth all the pain you might experience in this life. In order to understand what is truly at stake,  you need to take a look at what eternity really is and what it really means.

If you desire a deeper look at these five things, download my FREE booklet

I want you to trust Him more and receive more of the benefits He has for you.

What has helped you trust God more? We’d love for you to share your story with us and our readers in the comment section. Love, Sam