circle-of-seven-logoWhen I came off our children’s book tour this summer our 550 Club came back into session. We call it the 550 club because we meet on Monday mornings at 5:50 a.m.  It is a group of leaders who are highly motivated to be more effective, and to bring the Kingdom of God into this world in each of their unique callings and giftings. My job as leader is simply to stay one step ahead of them, keep them on track and then to grow with them. My goal every Monday morning is to dynamite them into their week with a huge shot of renewed faith, hope, vision, and to deliver to them a word from the Holy Spirit that will explode thier energy to believe God as they go into their week. My goal each week is to catapult them into their destiny, and to help them become effective conduits for the Kingdom so they can help the Holy Spirit do the same for others.

When I questioned them this fall about what topic we wanted to look at this year (we go in a cycle of seven winter months on, then four summer months off) they all said in one way or another, deeper life in prayer. I had already been sensing from the Holy Spirit that we were to use Shawn Boltz’s book: Translating God, Hearing God’s voice for yourself and the world around you, to help us set a new high bar of effectiveness and power in prayer.

So, here, in the Circle of Seven, which I believe the Holy Spirit has indicated I should call it, is where we will be residing for the seven months of this winter. I will be challenging these men to grow into a deeper life in the Spirit and in prayer than they have ever known. I will be journaling every week what happens.

I believe, in the Spirit, that I am seeing the season the Holy Spirit is calling us into: we have an open window where He wants to supercharge our gifts, our callings, our anointing and our callings and propel us into a new effectiveness in the Spirit, in our prayers, but also in a way that will be played out in a very real way, in reality, in our families, in our communities and in our churches, and in our businesses.

I believe God wants to supercharge us up to a whole new level of living where our prayers are Holy Spirit supercharged, so that what we say in prayer happens faster, and easier with far more, and far wider effects, results and fruit than we have ever experienced before. God wants to supercharge those who have put themselves into the school of prayer, who are willing to step into the flow of walking in Holy Spirit revelation and learn how to live there! These are people who have fully committed themselves to believe what the Word says, to have what it says we have, to go where He says we should go and do what He says we should do – so that we can move from a 30 fold fuit to a 60 fold level and then to a 100 fold return on our prayers and decisions. Would that be awesome or what! But, there is a price. But I don’t think the price is what we think it is. I believe God is asking for something new to go with this new level of fruitfulness. So, over the next seven moths we will be taking this journey to super effectiveness in business, family, and in prayer, however the Holy Spirit wants to do it.

Would you like to come along? Well, you can. Just follow the development of the 550 Club as we investigate new levels of power in prayer I’m calling, The Circle of Seven. I belive He is going to show us 7 ways to walk in prayer, 7 new levels of effectiveness God is leading business men and women into over the next 7 months, 7 new, never before seen principles of prayer that will release His presence and power.

Here are ways you can particpate. First, Become a follower of this blog. Watch for my video postings where I teach and share directly what is happening in the group as we take the plunge into the flow of living water. Enter your email so you can receive directly to you, without missing anything, the principles the Holy Spirit brings out each week as the 550 Club meets. I’ll be sharing the doors the Holy Spirit are opening to us each week, what we’re learning, how we’re progressing and how the Holy Spirit is increasing His empowerment of our prayers as each week passes. You may not be able to be physically here with us, but you can join with us. If you join with us I will know your name, I will pray for you, I will have the group pray for you and what ever anointing comes upon us as we go and grow will also come upon you wherever in the world you are.


Samuel Bowman

Standby for one incredible, awesome, crazy, powerful journey into 1) prayer, 2) presence, 3) intimacy, 4) humility, 5) community, 6) increased anointing for breakthrough, and 7) increased fruit.  There’s that 7! There are seven sevens God is going to give us that will take us to seven new levels of effectiveness! Payer is real. It works. It is to have real fruit in your real life. Join the 550 club, and the Circle of Seven over the next 7 months as we go deeper into the power of prayer, record and measure the results of what really works.


Love, Sam