circle-of-seven-logoGood morning faithful, Circle of Seven warriors. We are in a special seven month intensified focus on prayer for leaders who accept the challenge to circle around for two hours each week for the purpose of learning and applying dynamic truths about prayer that will dynamite your personal prayer time and catapult your family and business into abundant kingdom level living in 2017. The Holy Spirit says we are going to have seven years of opportunity. While the weather is good we need to build our foundations deep. For those who go deep there is great reward and abundance during the time of storm that will follow.

Seven benefits for those who will circle with us around the Holy Spirit and go deep into the supernatural world of boldly asking God:

1) Worksheets that will challenge your position and ideas about reviving from God

2) Lessons: Going deep into supernatural prayer lessons from the Word,

3) Revelatory insights from the Holy Spirit, as He speaks to us each week

4) Journaling to Victory: Learning to hear, apply, track and learn/grow as we journal together and apply His words,

5) Personal words of encouragement to you from me or a member of our group as we share from my own personal experience,

6) Personal prayer over you as we circle together in strong community each week and lift each other up and spurn each other on to breakthrough for you, your family and your business,

7) Personal encouragement for you to boldly approach and ask a big God for big results in your specific needs and be equipped to fully enter into your biggest and best destiny in the kingdom of God.

Connect with us and go on this journey. Dynamite your prayer life. Expand your ability to see, know, discern and make decisions that are exponentially more effective over the next seven winter months.

Become part of our prayer journey. Contact me at so I can begin to pray over you, your family and your business/ministry.