Does prayer really work? Today I’m going to share with you four real life outcomes I have experienced that will show you the value of prayer.

So let me ask you, what is the value of time set aside each day for intense focus on God? talking-ph7
You see, we don’t pray because we see no value in it. We don’t pray because we see no connection between prayer and real life. We will invest time in working to acquire an automobile because we understand it will take us places. We invest no time in prayer because we don’t understand how prayer can get us anywhere.

Here’s four things prayer provides, four things that happened to me and four promises from the Word you can hang your prayer hat on.

#1 – Provision: Praying releases provision, in any and every area of your life.

I had an engine go out on a Ford F-450 one ton dully pick up truck, way off in another state with one of my performers. It needed to get back on down the road or I was going to lose a client and big money and I didn’t have the cash on hand to fix it. So I decided to fast and pray the next day for an answer. I got up the next morning and said, “God provide thirty five hundred dollars.” I got up to walk to the shop and on the way out I thought to walk out to the mail box and bring in the mail for my wife. There in the box I found a letter addressed to me. In it was a check, made out to me for thirty five hundred dollars, from someone who owed me nothing. It only took five minutes to see the connection between prayer and outcome that day. And this has happened to me time and time again.

Your provision Word promises: Matthew 6:25 to 34 and Psalms 1:1-3

It is worth praying because God loves you and he can and will answer your prayers, when and if you learn to set aside time for intense, heart felt honest praying.

#2 – Peace: Prayer releases peace that gives you a quiet, calm confidence to walk out your life peacefully in the midst of any storm.

talking-ph4As I was laying in bed one morning crying, just a couple of days after my little boy died, I cried out to God, “Who will go down to the cemetery and change his diaper or make sure he’s fed when he’s hungry? Who will take care of him in the darkness of his grave?” Suddenly in my mind’s eye I saw before me a river. A curtain of fog drew back and I could see my little one crossing over. On the other side I could see many friends and family, along with Jesus, my savior, waiting there to greet him. This vision flooded my soul with peace in the midst of a great storm.

You peace Word promises: Philippians 4:7, Psalms 23:2

It is worth investing in prayer because God, who loves you so intently, will be released to answer your prayers.

#3 –  Power: Prayer releases power when you need it.

One morning while I was sitting on my bed praying and meditating I was called to the I.C.U. unit of the local hospital where a man had been given just minutes to live by the doctors. On the way there I was overcome with a strong flow of energy and so I prayed out very loud and hard for him as I drove. When I arrived I continued the intense focus and hard praying. I walked up to his bed, grabbed him around the collar of his nightgown and cried out, “Do you want to live or do you want to die?” He said, “I want to live!” So I released the torrent of prayer upon him till it subsided and walked right out as abruptly as I had walked in. The next day he walked out of there and lived for many more years after.

You power Word Promises: Acts 1:8, Romans 1:16

It is worth your time and effort to learn to pray, for the day of reckoning will come for you and prayer will bring you great peace, and the power to overcome, no matter what the conflict or the outcome.

#4 – Protection: Prayer gives you eyes to see. It intensifies what I call your Divine Intuition to know what to do, and it also creates a protective wall around you in circumstances.

I was once praying for a door of business opportunity to open for me. Then one day a verytalking-ph3 powerful man, who operated on a global level was standing right in front of me. He could have made my every dream come true. However, in that moment something unusual happened to me. Usually I had no trouble communicating and selling, but it was if I was stuck dumb. I couldn’t put together two coherent words to the man and he left, unknowing of my dream. Shortly after that man and his global ministry went down in a torrent of financial misuse and immorality. I could not have known and surly I would been damaged. On the other hand, just recently, after praying for months for a provision, a friend said something to me that opened an idea to me. I sensed it was God and so I acted on the idea and within twenty four hours I had the money I needed. I have seen this happen time and time again.

You protection Word promises: Psalms 91, Psalms 115:11

The devaluing of prayer is based on a humanistic view that there is nothing beyond what you can see with the natural eye, fed to even believers, who ever will spend thirty hours a week in front of godless media. Prayer is a learned tool and only works effectively only when consistently practiced.

People laugh at the idea of prayer, but then cry for help from an unseen God when they are in trouble. I pray that God will bring much trouble to the United States of America, if that is what it will take to connect her back to the God that made Her great – in spite of her mistakes. When this shaking comes you need to have already invested into the skill of effective prayer.
It is worth your time and effort to learn to pray, for the day of reckoning will come for you and prayer will bring you great peace, and power to overcome, in the midst of your storm.

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