sam-deep-hat1You can pray for victory!

Prayer really works. Why? Because it releases power in you. Prayer changes things. Why? Because prayer changes you.  Prayer leads to victory. How? It deposits victory in you. You first have victory in prayer and then you walk it out in life.

While you may not always have victory in circumstances you can always live in an atmosphere of victory.  Learning to do this is the key to living a lifestyle of victory!  And, the only way to learn how to do this is to practice an attitude of victory, breakthrough and success, while you walk though circumstances where the victory is not yet evidenced.

You must first press into the victory on the inside. Anyone can have a momentary, prayeraccidental positive event here and there, but anyone who wants to achieve a consistent lifestyle of success and breakthrough must first learn to consistently achieve inner victory.  Whoever will do this will eventually, and must absolutely, have victory  on the outside.

Most of the anxiety you experience is not in the problem or the circumstance it is what you believe about the problem and in how you handle the problem. Are you handling your problem or is your problem handling you?  Victory comes first by the choosing, then by the doing.  You can’t have it the other way around. You choose victory by deeply, consistently praying for it over time.

The way to ultimate receive and exercise the inner victory that leads to utter breakthrough is to practice it on the inside through deep prayer until you get it on the outside, and the there are five ways to do that:

1) Pray,

2) Pray some more,

3) Ask God to show you how to pray more effectively,

4) Add fasting to your praying,

5) Then do what God told you to while you were praying.

This is the path to victory and the path is forged in your the heart, before it is forged in your life.


Powerful Praying That Makes a Difference