When you dream you should dream big. Here’s 5 reasons why.

1 – When you shoot for the stars you’ll get what few people ever experience, a handful of moon dust.

Going big pushes you right past smaller mile posts. If you shoot for the sky you might not get off the ground. If you shoot for the moon you might get the sky.  If you shoot for the stars you might get the moon. If you go big you’ll always get a better return for your investment, and that’s a victory!

2 – A big dream defeats dream killers.

Every dream comes with dream killers. Dream killers are what we all experience when we consider going for our big dream. They are all those ideas, thoughts and emotions inside you that tell you you have to stay with the familiar, the comfortable, the safe.  If you dream of going to the sky you will have to battle for the clouds. If you shoot for the stars the battle will be relegated to the stars and the moon will just be a stop along the way.

3 – The big dream helps your mind dream with you.

What am I saying? Whenever you tell your mind to step out of your comfort zone it’s going to bombard you with a wide range of thoughts and attending emotions all based on your past thinking, all designed to keep you safe. When you step outside your comfort zone alarms are going to go off in the form of thoughts like, “You better think this through.” “You’ve never done it this way before.” “This is not who you are.” “This is more than you can afford.” “You don’t have the skills.” “This is not your personality.” “You’re in way too deep.” “If you fail, what will people think?”  Fill in the blank: ____________________

4 – A big dream tells your emotions to dream big with you.

Your emotions are designed to attach feeling to thoughts in order prioritize them and give them strength. Emotions are designed to protect you, to keep you where you perceive it’s safe. Emotions like; fear, doubt, stress, and worry will be attached to your thoughts. A big dream takes your emotions off the small steps and let’s you move forward.

5 – A big dream tells your body to dream big with you.

Physical symptoms like sleeplessness, cold sweats, upset stomach, nausea, and dizziness can show up in your body. But, if you attach those to the big dream, and then chop that big dream into small steps, you can leave all of the doubt, and stress attached to the big dream and body will accept the small steps that get you off the ground and on your way.

Park your doubt and fear to the big dream and the small steps will come easier. By the time you get through all the small steps when you get to the big dream, it will seem like just another small step.

Leave the past behind. Dream big and bring home the moon dust, one small step at a time.


Samuel Bowman

Helping men achieve their dreams.