And The Glory Shone

Luke 2:1 “Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that a census be taken of all the inhabited earth.”

Imagine that! God set in motion the revealing of His greatest glory, His son, by the decree of a sinful ruler in a dark government. Quite the opposite view of many Christians in recent times who have been pronouncing judgment on our nation. Many have been speaking negative words over our leaders, and our government. I don’t know about you, but for a while I succumbed to living under this cloud of negativity and judgement. However, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I live under the New Covenant, a covenant of love and blessing. The Word says that Jesus paid once and for all for the price for my sin. If, according to I Chronicles 7:24-42, I will humble myself and repent, I will not receive judgment, but blessing because  Jesus has already paid the price for my judgment. Joel 2:14 says, who knows, maybe he will repent and leave a blessing behind him. So, instead of believing for judgement, this Christmas season I am praying for and believing for the glory! I am believing that the love of Jesus (John 3:17) and the glory of God will sweep across our nation. I believe the glory will lead more sinners to repentance than the doctrine of judgment.

It may surprise many when His glory falls upon the secular government and He uses it to set in motion the tide of His coming glory rather than denominations which have not cultivated the the presence of God or taught its people how to walk in the  power of the Holy Spirit.

starBring the Glory Back – Shining Star 1:

Glory, like at the birth of Jesus is coming to our nation. Release it by praying for it, believing for it, pronouncing it, and acting like it. This Christmas repent of for your own personal sins and God will release His glory, in your family and even on the sinners and the unsuspecting, as well as His beloved bride.


Samuel Bowman