As I was journaling this morning I wrote this. I hope it blesses you.

Some people get their tank filled, they get rejuvenated, by being in activity and with people.

Some people get their tank filled by being in the quiet. Which are you?

Consider this, if you chose to be rejuvenated by activity, when the activity stops, and it always does, there will be emptiness. So then you will take activity into the quiet and then everything becomes activity and there will be no quiet. 

But if you leave room to be fulfilled by the quiet, then what you receive in the quiet will go with you into the activity. If what you receive in the quiet actually generates, or becomes the genesis of the activity, then you get both; fulfilled activity and fulfillment in the quiet.

Activity without time with God will always, always, no matter how meaningful, or important, or how valuable the activity, will always, ultimately leave you empty and unfulfilled and all alone.

If you spend time with God in the quiet and there He plants something deep within you that germinates and creates divinely inspired activity, then the time with God that always fulfills, will show up in the activity, and it will always be fulfilling.

And then when you return again to time alone there will be added the deep, fulfilling sense that God himself is pleased with all your activity.

Come to me all of you that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28) Come to the well that flows with living water my son, my daughter, and spend time, in the quiet. (Psalm 46:10) There with me, in the time of quiet rest, and from that living well (John 7:37-39) will issue a life full of fruitful activity and that will lead you to your ultimate fulfillment.

In John chapter fifteen Jesus says if you live in life-union with me, and if my words live powerfully within you, then your lives will bear abundant fruit, and you will demonstrate that you are my mature disciples who glorify my Father! (From verses 7 & 8, The Passion Translation, edited by Sam for brevity)

Sew in the spectacular – reap in the incredible.